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About the Good Light Club

The Good Light Club was started as a service to help small businesses grow.  There is quite a gap between content and use we see in the industry.  And I want to make sure your needs are met without stress.  So let's have fun and make some beautiful 

Meet Candis


Please don't call me a content creator. Because my job is way more exciting than that sounds.


I'm here to make getting in front of the camera not only stress-free but also full of fun! Instead of feeling uncomfortable, you will feel like you are hanging out with a friend.  


This means putting on your favorite music, and bringing out that confident version of yourself we know is in there, and letting you shine! 


You will be amazed at what we can create together!

Fun Facts:

  • Pump Up Song: Golden Years - David Bowie

  • Favorite Photoshoot Snack: TACOS!

  • Go-To Coffee Drink: Iced Americano 


Let's set up a time to chat about your content needs and get you showing up for your business

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